Corona situation

We take precautions to stop the spread of Covid-19, and wish everyone a pleasant stay with us! All our guests are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, keep the recommended distances and use card payment instead of cash. All activities are adapted according the Norwegian health departments regulations.

Elgtun is a visiting center with tame moose

High season: 20. June to 16. August

From 17 August open every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 12 – 15

Low season: Open only during feeding times at 12.00 and 15.00

Open every day for groups (10+) that order in advance.

Find updated feeding times on our Facebook page.

Is the moose really tame?

This is something a lot of our guests keep asking us. The natural fear of wild moose is normal, and a female moose with a calf can act very threatening if stumbled upon in the wild.

But yes, our moose are born right here in the park and has been accustomed to humans from day one, so they are docile. But we must never forget that these are large animals with their natural instincts intact. This is why we always keep to our number one commandment; This park is on the moose premises and all contact must be supervised by one of our guides.


The purpose and goal of Elgtun is to be a center of expertise about moose. We have acquired a lot of knowledge throughout the years and this is what we would like to mediate to our visiting guests so that everyone can learn more about these amazing animals.

Our offer, that involves the audience being able to both pet and feed the moose, is an unique opportunity to experience the king of the forrest up close and PERSONAL. You are in for a treat!

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