Opening hours


10.30 Feeding of the calves

11.00 Feeding of adult moose

12.00 Information about the moose by our caretakers.

13.00 Feeding of the calves

14.00 Information about the moose by our caretakers.

15.00 Feeding of adult moose

15.30 Feeding of the calves (if we got calves this year)

The café and shop is open during regular opening hours.

Simple dining, coffee, cakes and commissaries are offered in the café.

It’s possible to prepare food on one of the campfires or by using one of the grills on the premises. Bring your own food or buy sausages and burgers made from moose in the café.

High season:

From June 1: Every day from 10.00 – 16.00

Low season:

From September 2 – May 31: Open every day from 12.30-16.00. Feeding times at 13.00 and 15.00

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